Why Malta?


Being English the official language, Malta is one of the destinations most requested by students around the world. In tourist areas in particular, the inhabitants speak English, so it is easy to practice the language skills everyday, quickly improving speaking and achieving good results.


Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, for its geographical location and the small size, the Island offers wonderful opportunities for educational experience. It is easy to come in contact with institutions operating at central level, to observe closely the work of companies and enterprises, NGOs and other public and private entities, all interacting at national and international level.


Extremely sunny the Island of Malta retains an average annual temperature ranging around 18.7C. A perfect place to study and improve English, surrounded by the pleasant Mediterranean climate.


A strip of land in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Malta is utterly surrounded by a clear blue sea. The rocks often fall down straight into the sea generating a game of caves and making the landscape really impressive. The islands have been for several years the favorite destination for lovers of aquatic sports as diving, wind-serf, snorkeling, jet-skis and water ski.


Sunny, with large golden beaches, an exciting nightlife and 7,000 years of fascinating history, Malta is the ideal destination to study, experience life and outdoor living.
The rich cultural past offers several interesting opportunities to visit buildings dated from different periods and some historical sites have been chosen by UNESCO as “World Heritage”.
It is possible to play sports as horse riding, go-karting, camping, hiking, paragliding, golf and much more.
At the end of the day, after sunset, the streets of Paceville, with the countless discos, disco-pubs and bars, become the privileged place for night life.
During the free time, it is easy to meet people from all over the world and sharing common interests.