Cultural and Company Vists

 With over 7000 years of history, the Maltese Islands are rich in culture and history. The islands in their past lived a golden age dating back to the Neolithic and the mysterious megalithic temples dedicated to the goddess of fertility, constitute evidence of it.

Later, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Byzantines have all left their traces on the islands.

Among the most interesting places, there are Valletta, Mdina, Rabat and the three cities, while the temples of Hagar Qim (decorated with animals and goddesses carved in the stone), the temples of Mnajdra and Tarxien, are testimony of megalithic architectural masterpieces.

Where provided, the number of visits can be agreed in advance.

The tour company is one of the essential tools to ensure the character of active collaboration and open to a direct dialogue.

Even in this case, the number of visits can be agreed in advance as well as the type of company, institution, organization to see round, based on the concerning areas, the areas of study, the past work experiences or the field of education.

The aim of these visits is to:

  • explain the general organization;
  • define the tasks and roles of different players;
  • gather information to understand the business context in which the different working functions are allocated.